December 2017: Scientists name 99-million year old tick after Dracula. 

March 2017: Dozens of coffins dating back to 1700s found by Philadelphia construction crews.

January 2017: Species of Vampire Bat has developed a taste for Human blood. I'll drink to that. 


November 2016: Stolen 3,000 year old mummy hand returned to Egypt. 

October 2016: Wreckage of World War I German U-boat attacked by "Sea Monster" found off UK coast. 

May 2016: Residents of English town report multiple sightings of mysterious beast, described as "8-foot tall Werewolf". 

May 26th, 2016: On this day in 1897, Bram Stoker's classic novel, DRACULA goes on sale. 

April 2016: Chinese Morticians restore bodies using 3D printing

April 2016: Michigan High School Taxidermy class a huge hit with future Norman Bates--I mean, students. 

March 2016: Used for centuries, Scientists have now created genetically modified maggots that could help human wounds to heal better.

March 2016: Man claims to "see the devil" in Officer's eyes, before ramming Police car. 

January 2016: Remains of monster-sized prehistoric Crocodile found in Tunisian desert. 

January 2016: Rare Malaysian spider named after late rock star icon and Drunk Dracula personal favorite, David Bowie. Ziggy Stardust, Major Tom, The Thin White Duke and The Goblin King may be gone, but The Hunger remains.

January 2016: What a hoot. Louisiana Police Officer forced to abandon cruiser after midnight Owl attack


January 2016: Ahoy! Human remains found under English schoolyard may be 500-year old corpse of Pirate, hung from gallows and displayed for passing sailors. 

October 2015: Pumpkin attacks Arizona town. And yes, there's a video

September 2015: Truck overturns and releases thousands of bees on interstate highway, causing multiple crashes. That stings. 

August 2015: Man trespasses into cemetery to exhume his father who has been buried for forty years, claims he wanted to help him "go to Heaven".


August 2015: British Library asks public for help deciphering inscription on medieval sword. I'll save you the trouble. It says: "If found, return to Transylvania. Or else".

August 2015: Florida Alligator attacks man, bites off "chunk" of park employee's leg.  Only a "chunk"? Come on, gator. You can do better. 

August 2015: Pennsylvania school closes for third time due to infestation of venomous spiders. I have simple solution: Relocate the children.

July 2015: "Nosferatu" Horror film Director, F.W. Murnau's head stolen from family plot in Germany. I cannot take credit for this. 

March 2015: Cornell University researchers design Zombie Outbreak Simulator and the news is not good if you live in or near a city. 

So remember, if you're desperate for shelter, visit my castle. You're welcome anytime. Simulate that.

July 2015: Crowds flock to botanical garden at University of California Berkeley to see and smell the putrid-smelling Sumatran titan arum, otherwise known as the Corpse Flower. Who needs a flower? I've worn this scent for centuries.

July 2015: Part game, part theater, escaping from Escape Rooms is fast becoming a popular and lucrative trend around the world.

I have a bunch of these. They're called Dungeons.

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