Welcome to my home.

My state of mind. Current, past and future. Whatever those mean. Since I truly, literally, live in the Now and the Ever.

This website, powered by electricity, will be my medium. One of many throughout the centuries, be they by parchment or keyboard, that may introduce you for a time, to the aforementioned state of mind. A mind that unlocks tales, lets forth musings, and spews rants. These writings may be my own, or they may be of those I admire. 

But be wary and be warned.

I am Dracula. Count Dracula. Yeah, him.

And I tend to write when I have been drinking.


David Draper: After a brief semi-career as an underpaid, or more often unpaid screenwriter, David took a huge break from writing to take a day job he can be proud of. In 2015, David picked up pen again and started writing short Horror fiction and blogs, with tales featured on HorrorAddicts.net, ShadowsattheDoor.com, Allegory Magazine and Cinenation as well as Horror anthologies from Dark Corner Books and Bride of Chaos Publishers. He is a current Staff Writer for ModernHorrors.com. David lives in California with his beautiful wife, three great kids and way too many pets. He raises a glass to all writers, especially Horror writers, while tweeting as @DrunkDracula on Twitter.

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